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Bond Issues

Bonds are a way for clients to finance the construction of highways, bridges, and schools. We can guide you through the process of issuing a bond, whether it be a General Obligation Bond, Revenue Bond, or another type of bond we will find the type and structure that fits your needs. It is important to consider all aspects of a municipal bond before making an issuance. As SEC-registered Municipal Advisors, we are here to do what is best for the client.

We Provide:

  • Official Statements and Bond Sale Preparations
  • Meetings with Bond Rating Agencies and Utilization of “Revenue Spending Plans”
  • Evaluation of Bond Proposals, and Call Provisions
  • Competitive Bond Sales and Private Placements
  • Coordinating Bond Closings
  • Refinance you existing debt at lower interest rates
  • Manage your tax rate
  • Economic Analysis (best mix of capital, to lower client overall cost)