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Sustainability Analysis / 3-5 Year Cash Flow

The Sustainability Revenue and Spending Plan was created by Financial Solutions Group, Inc. (“FSG Corp.”) to set our clients (Counties, Cities, towns, Schools districts and others) on a successful financial course. It is a new way of looking at the financial challenges facing municipalities today. The financial strategy must address the issues of capital improvements, cash management and debt management, yet too often, the pieces are dealt with individually instead of being tied together into a comprehensible whole. The whole point here is that this is not just a capital plan—it is the plan of the community.

Further, FSG Corp. believes that comprehensive financial planning allows municipalities to maximize their interest revenue while minimizing their interest cost, with the ultimate result of utilizing capital improvement funds more effectively to minimize the effect on the taxpayer, where new revenue sources may be employed or tax strategies may be changed in order to allow the municipality to maintain the level of services which it has performed in the past. Municipalities across the State are looking at fire protection, consolidation and other partnership opportunities in an effort to control expenses and increase revenue from something other than increasing taxes. Our product is here to help! The Plan can be used for Budget preparation, Ratings and Bond Issues, meeting Cash Flow Plan requirements, and to view overall financial well-being. All provided in one comprehensive report.

We work directly with the client to provide a compressive report including:

  • Review of Revenues and Expenses, both Operating and Non-Operating as well as projected Capital Improvements
  • Accurate Projections of Inflows and Outflows, including Insurance, TIF, and Tax Rate changes.
  • Financial Analysis of Accounts and Trends
  • Detailed Comments and Recommendations for future funding and options to meet the clients Capital needs.
  • Personal Reviews, Face to Face Meetings, and Presentations.